SYNERGIZED MACRO SOLUTIONS, INC (SMS), a trusted consulting, training, and auditing company on internationally recognized management system standards, is committed to service excellence and the creation of a healthier and safer environment.

Cognizant of our commitments to continual improvement in satisfying the requirements of our customers and relevant interested parties, protecting the environment—including preventing pollution, and providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of injury and ill health in the workplace, we shall:

  • Seek to understand the needs and concerns of our clients, staff, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders to fully meet their requirements and achieve Synergized Relationships;
  • Maintain a competent manpower by providing our consultants and staff appropriate training, including means and avenues for effective consultation and participation and support to our other business associates, thereby enabling the company’s consulting, training and auditing team to Macro Services, and
  • Strive to minimize and manage the adverse impacts of our operations on the environment by optimizing the use of electricity, water, paper, and other resources, and, where appropriate, reuse, recycle and properly dispose all wastes we generate. Also, we shall endeavor to employ appropriate, responsible and safe technologies and methods to eliminate hazards and reduce risks among our personnel and clients, thus we become part of the Solutions to Sustainable Development thrust of the country.
  • Improve our readiness to emergency situations and disruptive events to strengthen the company’s resiliency and sustainability of our operations and services.

We shall make this policy an integral part of our services to ensure that it continuously provides us an overall direction and commitment in improving our overall performance in our integrated quality, environmental, safety and health management system towards our business objective of becoming the leader in our industry.

Rev. 04 January 18, 2021